95th Percentile Bandwidth Billing

1. 95th Percentile Bandwidth Rule

Bandwidth is measured from the switch and recorded in a log file. In most cases, this is done every 5 minutes. At the end of the month, the samples are sorted from highest to lowest, and the top 5% (which equal to approximately 36 hours of a 30-day billing cycle) of data is ignored. The next highest measurement becomes the billable usage for the month.

There are 288(60min/5*24hr) bandwidth spots of 5 minutes in one day. Assuming there are 30 days in a month, there will be 8640(288*30) bandwidth spots of 5 minutes in a month.

  • Sorting the above 8640 bandwidth spots from largest to smallest.
  • 8640 * 5% = 432, this top 5% of bandwidth spots shall be discarded.
  • 8640 – 432 = 8208, the highest usage value of remaining 8208 bandwidth spots shall be billable for the month.
           Updated 2020-03-04 15:46:17

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