Delete Customer

This API is used to delete a customer or partner.

1. Request Definition

  • API URL${customerId}
  • Request Protocol
  • Request Header

Request Header

  • Request Body

No request body for this API.

  • Request Example
DELETE /v1.2/deleteCustomer/1 HTTP/1.1

Authorization:HMAC-SHA256 V265i4K31j991E19:bc051d2e520a462e36455dc75b2bc68e9a135bbf4d2fefbf6d2fc1f28c5aa5dc
Content-Type:application/json; charset=utf-8

2. Response Definition

This section is intended to describe response header and body data definition.

2.1. Success Response

  • Success Response Body

No response body for this API.

  • Success Response Example
HTTP/1.1 200

2.2. Error Response

  • Error Response Code

Error Code

  • Error Response Example
HTTP/1.1 400
"message":"CustomerId is empty or invalid.",
"requestId": "16db8f36813--A-F8-1"
HTTP/1.1 403
"message":"Can't access according to this access key id.",
"requestId": "16db8f36813--A-F8-1"
HTTP/1.1 403
"message":"Can't execute because customer has child customer.",
"requestId": "16db8f36813--A-F8-1"
HTTP/1.1 403
"message":"Can't execute because customer does not exist.",
"requestId": "16db8f36813--A-F8-1"
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